Resonant Leadership

Whereas the typical focus of leadership modules falls on teaching, the focus of the Resonant Leadership™ program is developing.

The leading models in business practice clearly demonstrate that the development of leadership potential within the organization is a key factor for its success and can make or break it.

The content differentiates between horizontal and vertical leadership examining the different  dimensions of development, their characteristics and the tools necessary for synchronizing leaders and teams in each dimension.

The success of any organization is directly dependent on the skills and knowledge of its leaders. When the company has a well-trained and motivated team led by effective resonant leaders, it improves its ability to fulfil its potential and be a step ahead of the competition.

Effective leadership occurs and develops within the corporate culture and serves as a bridge between the current status-quo and the vision of the company.

Main topics & objectives

  • Practical tools and skills of multidimensional leadership– levels and qualities of effective resonant leadership
  • Situational leadership – managing and unlocking individual and team potential and motivation
  • Emotional leadership and relationship management- horizontal & vertical development
  • Authentic, empathic and servant leadership – increasing team initiative and motivation