Conflict Management

The module focuses on the acquisition of practical skills and techniques for understanding the key positions for coping and mastering conflict dynamics and building a collaborative environment.

The mastery of conflict management skills is a key element in direct communication with clients, teamwork and leadership positions. The ability to constructively resolve conflicts is an extremely powerful tool that is often crucial to achieving both personal and professional growth and development.

Strategic and tactical approaches to different types of conflict are analyzed and trained – de-escalating, identifying root causes, in-depth interest analysis, managing emotions, and challenging situations.

Main topics & objectives

  • Mastering conflict resolution and mitigation strategies
  • Effective mediation and understanding of the driving interests and needs of the other party
  • Understanding the sources, causes and types of conflicts
  • Mastering all phases of conflict
  • Adaptation and implementation of different approaches to conflict management
  • Conflict prevention
  • Understanding and managing the different conflict resolution styles