Time & Focus Management

The effective prioritization of the individual tasks, along with the ability to assertively say ‘no’ and negotiate alternative solutions, underlie the successful execution of the overall business processes.

The module focuses on understanding and mastering models and techniques for decision making, planning and structuring of tasks. Optimized analysis and prioritization of working projects reduces stress and anxiety levels within the team and saves time by increasing both productivity and quality of work.

As a result of the training, the future team leader will develop practical strategies for timely decisions, optimized goal-setting and allocating the appropriate amount of time for the execution of tasks. Thus, through more effective focus management, efficient planning and reduced time wastage, more productive hours would be available every week allowing the achievement of more tasks with better quality.

Main topics & objectives

  • Increasing individual productivity, accountability and commitment
  • Reducing stress and eliminating fatigue, delay and confusion in day-to-day work situations
  • Improving the emotional and working climate within the organization
  • Increasing efficiency and reducing conflicts
  • Opening up space and opportunities for employee initiative, creativity and entrepreneurship
  • Developing practical skills for identifying and removing ‘time-stealers’ that reduce productivity
  • Training techniques for effective delegation
  • Improving the quality of decision-making
  • Reducing time delays and value lost by ‘miscommunications’