Delegation skills

The training focuses on understanding the fundamental stages and situations in effective delegation, together with developing practical skills to effectively communicate objectives and expected standards.

The program makes a deep dive into the necessary skills and techniques for mastering the different delegating styles, strategic and tactical approaches, the creation of maps of interests, and the building rapport when assigning tasks.

Main topics & objectives

  • Developing flexibility and adaptability during challenging delegation and negotiation scenarios
  • Managing stress, dealing with and overcoming resistance
  • Achieving win-win results and maintaining positive relationships
  • Understanding the psychology and the internal processes behind effective delegation
  • Tools for effective application of delegation styles
  • Identifying and understanding the key stages of delegation and selecting optimal instruments
  • Objective and subjective factors for building trust
  • The key principles and models for effective engagement retention when delegating
  • The 10 steps to effective delegation
  • Fostering initiative and proactive attitude
  • Identifying and overcoming the key obstacles in assigning tasks and the mindset – “If you want something to be done well, you have to do it yourself“
  • Models and techniques for conflict prevention and management
  • Focus management