Stakeholder Management

The training focuses on developing the core skills that determine effective stakeholder management (SH) as a critical component to the successful delivery of any project. Without understanding and mastery of the fundamental concepts of effective communication, relationship and expectation management projects are unlikely to deliver optimum value for the involved parties.

Pressure from stakeholders generates change and increases the complexity of the management of tasks, impacting cost and certainty. For this reason, effectively addressing and reconciling the differing stakeholders’ requirements enhances resource management and prioritization.

The program identifies and analyses the multi-faceted aspects of the communication process by focusing on building a bridge between models and the practical skills required in effective stakeholder management. The content is based on well-established in the business practice methods for achieving optimal results in communication and project management.

Main topics & objectives

  • Strategies for monitoring and managing stakeholder engagement
  • Effectively communicating and working with SH to meet their expectations
  • Tools for effectively building and managing overall project SH relationships
  • Understanding the key pillars of the process of SH management
  • SH analysis tools and models for improving expectation management and strategy selection
  • Developing skills for recognizing different personality types and communication styles
  • Developing skills for active listening and giving and receiving effective feedback
  • Developing flexibility and adaptability in high-stakes communication