Negotiation skills

The module focuses on understanding the fundamental stages and situations in negotiating and developing practical skills to effectively defend interests and achieve high goals in competitive environments.

The content makes a deep dive into necessary skills and techniques for mastering the different negotiation styles, strategic and tactical approaches, creating maps of interests, and understanding positions and interests.

Main topics & objectives

  • Understanding the psychology behind negotiations and its internal processes; analyzing negotiation scenarios and alternatives
  • Tools & skills for managing the negotiation process and focus
  • Managing stress and effectively coping with resistance
  • Adapting during negotiations and achieving high results
  • Tools for achieving win-win situations and maintaining positive relationships
  • Practical psychological techniques for planning and executing negotiation strategies
  • Identifying strengths and weaknesses in the negotiation process
  • Identifying and understanding the negotiation stages and the relevant instruments
  • Objective and subjective factors for building trust
  • Applying practical methods from the field of Transactional Analysis for establishing constructive dialogue