Emotional Intelligence & Performance Management

The training module is focused on understanding and mastering emotional management as a key factor in improving performance, decision making, and effective relationship management, through the mastery of cognitive-emotional interactions.
The optimization of interpersonal relationships is a key component of successful business processes and maximized productivity. The effective utilization of skills and techniques that contribute to a deeper understanding and management of emotional states directly lead to measurably higher productivity and performance levels.

The program is based on some of the cutting-edge advancements in technology and science and along with the fundamental understanding of the depths of emotions, makes a deep-dive into practical and applicable techniques and strategies for improving personal and team performance.

The interdisciplinary content is based around the multi-faceted aspects of the topic and aims at building a bridge between models and the practical skills required in real life scenarios.

Main topics & objectives

  • Strategies for effectively dealing with and managing emotions
  • Understanding emotional profiles and attitudes
  • Tools for optimizing decision-making processes
  • Practical strategies for understanding and effectively managing stress
  • Mastering emotionally charged conversation and constructive conflict resolution
  • Unlocking inner motivation, initiative and creative potential
  • Developing skills for recognizing and communicating with the different emotional styles
  • Developing skills for active listening and giving and receiving effective feedback
  • Developing flexibility and adaptability in high-stakes communication