Effective Communication Skills

The module focuses on developing the skills that characterize and determine the successful and effective team lead. Without understanding and mastery of the fundamental concepts of effective communication, even if one team consists of highly qualified professionals, it will not be able to achieve its potential and perform optimally.

The module identifies the multi-faceted aspects of the communication process by focusing on building a bridge between the theoretical models and the practical skills required in effective team communication and understanding the process of the transition to lead together with the ensuing transformations in communication and relationships.

The session builds upon the previous topics and includes the main models, strategies and approaches in giving and receiving effective feedback. The content is based on well-established in the business practice effective methods for achieving optimal results in communication and interaction.

Main topics & objectives

  •  Developing skills for recognizing different personality types and communication styles
  • Developing expertise in effectively influencing others
  • Developing active listening skills
  • Developing flexibility and adaptability in communication
  • Building strong alignment withing the team
  • Mastering the ability to get a point across through the art of effective communication
  • Understanding and effectively applying feedback skills