Sales Skills

The training is focused on mastering the 10 foundational principles of the selling process as key factors in improving personal and organizational performance and results. The power to influence is the single most important skill in a sales conversation and it comes as a direct result of mastering the 10 principles of effective selling.

Understanding the structure of sales conversations and its multiple intricacies is the key component of optimizing productivity. The effective utilization of skills and techniques that contribute to deeper insights about the clients’ needs and desires lead to significantly improved customer relationships and long-term associations.

The program incorporates practical and applicable techniques and strategies for improving and optimizing the sales processes. It is designed to increase personal influence and implement innovative ways for creating more possibilities.

Main topics & objectives

  • Skills for managing and leading masterful selling conversations
  • Mastering the use of questions to uncover clients’ needs and desires
  • Understanding buyers’ types and respective approach strategies
  • Effectively overcoming and leveraging objections
  • Understanding and avoiding common selling mistakes
  • Capturing and leading clients’ focus
  • Building trust and positioning authentic and powerful message
  • Understanding the principles of closing & their practical applications