Teamwork & Team Development

The strategic decision to invest in the construction of an effective and functional team is one of the most significant corporate moves for each company. The creation of effective teams is one of the main factors underpinning the success of the organization.

The module  is focused on understanding and managing the forces that drive and rally teams. In reality most leaders climb the hierarchical ladder, managing teams of various sizes and learning on-the-go how to operate and manage effectively. Very few leaders undergo formal training about the stages and requirements of team building or know something more than the standard clichés about formingstormingnorming, performing, and adjourning.

The successful development and transformation of teams requires a much more sophisticated approach and understanding of the stages of team development and management, in order to unlock and tap into the real potential of the team.

Main topics & objectives

  • Defining optimal approaches for developing the team
  • Raising the level of trust and responsibility within and between teams
  • Increasing communication efficiency within and between teams
  • Increasing team-members’ motivation and initiative
  • Developing effective team-spirit and inter-team cooperation
  • Effective conflict management skills and practices